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How Swedish Physician Clinics increased revenues and patient satisfaction...more!

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An innovative Practice Improvement System and related consulting services...more!

What Our Clients Say

"A big benefit is Bonnie's experience in health care environments; she brings a high level of understanding because she's worked with so many physicians and specialties."

David Kirk,
Intermountain Orthopaedics, Boise ID


"We certainly learned to look at things a little differently and measure things differently and look at work flows in a more systematic manner. I like the way Cech Systems connects everything.... It was a whole system."

Debra Z. Doyle,
Assistant Administrator/Operations
Skagit Valley Medical Center, Mount Vernon, WA

Who We Are

Who We Are

From the beginning, Cech Systems set out to do things differently. Motivated by our mission and guided by extensive operations experience, we decided to offer clients an alternative to traditional consulting methods and models.

In 1999 Cech Systems began working with clinics on business process improvement. At a time when growth strategies focused primarily on adding more physicians or new services, we focused on improving the core services already being provided. Noting significant waste in processes, we streamlined work flows to allow physicians and staff to work smarter and provide patients with a better experience.

In the early years, we developed a hands-on, collaborative improvement program, the Access and Efficiency Improvement System (A&E) and successfully implemented it in a wide variety of primary care and specialty settings. With proven methodologies and results, A&E evolved to include not only the support components necessary to successfully implement process change, but also components required to sustain improvement results. Today, using our practice improvement system CxInSight, we partner with clinics to build an institution-wide knowledge base and skill set for long-term success.

To achieve our mission, we focus on five objectives

  1. We respond to our clients' needs with clear vision, creative thinking, innovative solutions and tangible results.
  2. We provide value-added services that achieve meaningful results and a fair return for our partners.
  3. We replace trial and error with measurement and balanced decision-making.
  4. We develop long-term relationships based on mutual trust, integrity, honesty and respect.
  5. We learn from our clients and their experiences to enhance the value of our services and preserve our reputation as a high-quality practice improvement company.


To impact the lives of physicians, patients, and staff with long-term positive outcomes resulting from our services.