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What Our Clients Say

"Unlike some lean methodologies or practices, Cech Systems uses a much broader framework, so all things are connected. This impacts a lot of work processes in a very quick period of time. It's about the whole system and efficiency."

Jude Bulman,
Associate Administrator of Clinical Operations
The Everett Clinic, Everett, WA


"We only looked at one other vendor. Bonnie was offering more of herself. The other vendor just threw the tools at you and it was up to you to figure it out. With Cech Systems you get Bonnie inside your practice, you get her presence."

Robbie Sherman, M.D.,
Family Practice
The Polyclinic, Seattle, WA

How We Are Different

We provide clinics with a pragmatic approach to practice improvement that achieves lasting increases in practice efficiency and patient satisfaction. Doctor talking to child

Systems Focus in the Core Business

Often we find that process improvement efforts are too narrowly focused within a single area or on a single initiative. While marginal gains can be measured in individual areas, these gains don't always translate to overall systems results. In contrast, we use a systems approach to improvement in the core business, and help clinics stay focused on the overall improvement results. Consequently, medical organizations keep their eyes on the prize—improving the customer's experience and the care team's delivery process. This patient-centered, physician-care team approach yields improved profitability, quality, efficiency, and delivery reliability. Learn more.

Practical Tools and Training

In pursuit of perfecting the processes in a clinic's core business, we developed models, analytical tools, management systems and change techniques to track, measure, analyze and monitor implementation of the improvement system. In addition, we provide on-site training to teach all people in the organization how to use the tools to achieve and sustain desired results.

Tailored Solutions

While our tools, techniques and training are all part of a "system," we do not have a "one-size-fits-all" solution. With extensive experience in many primary care and specialty settings, we recognize the importance of tailoring the program and specific solutions to meet the needs of the specialty and medical organization.

Sustaining Improvement Results

While many process improvement techniques may initially achieve improvement results, the key to long-term success is to establish the appropriate management system to monitor and continuously improve the value streams. We work with clinics to develop "value steam managers," who monitor the processes in the core business to ensure the people doing the work are empowered and supported to sustain the improvement results.

Return on Investment

We are driven by our interest in providing our partners a good return on investment. Our goal is to leverage our expertise and shorten your learning curve, so our services can immediately impact your productivity and bottom line. That is why we do not pull physicians and staff out of production to learn and implement changes. Changes are made "on the floor," and training is done on-site at your facility. Learn more.