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Many Specialties Transformed

What Our Clients Say

"The work [Cech Systems] does is coming in and transforming a system... It's a wholesale change in process."

Jude Bulman,
Associate Administrator of Clinical Operations
The Everett Clinic, Everett, WA


"Working with Cech Systems has a lot to do with a state of mind, because it really is changing the way you think about things, how you problem-solve, who you delegate to: your entire approach. What's unique is that the program is not "one size fits all"; the system is tailored to your needs."

David Kirk,
Intermountain Orthopaedics, Boise, ID

The Practice Improvement System

CxInSight combines business strategy and change management with front-line process improvements to help medical organizations clarify and implement their improvement vision.

Rooted in systems thinking and lean principles, and based on years of experience in various clinical settings, CxInSight was built inside medical clinics—from the ground up—specifically for physician practices. The system is designed to perfect the processes that matter most to you and your patient: the touch-points where the patient interacts with the care team.

CxInSight is made up of four components. Each component is a necessary part of the change process, and all four together are required to achieve and sustain clinic-wide success. We see the four components as a series of integrated "lenses," each one helping to cut through daily complexities and distractions, and sharpen organizational focus and understanding of your processes. The acuity found in each of the four lenses results in the clarity and insight to transform an individual physician practice, a department or an entire organization. The components are:

With new-found perspective obtained through the lenses, you can align all constituencies within your clinic—physicians, office staff, support services and management—on one core business goal: increasing throughput, while simultaneously decreasing care delays and operational inefficiencies. A coordinated improvement process provides the roadmap for effecting changes that support the goal. An integrated reporting system (metrics) provides immediate user-friendly feedback on the effects of changes and progress toward the goal. Rigorous organizational training and development empower the people in your organization to achieve and sustain desired results.

And it's all done without taking your physicians and staff out of production.

Our Approach

First, we engage clinic leadership in an opportunity assessment to clarify their improvement vision and ensure our system is a good fit. Second, we enter a planning and design phase, and tailor CxInSight to meet the clinic's goals for achieving that vision. Once the customized system is designed, we begin the implementation process. We ease each clinic along the journey step by step, ensuring a comfortable shift in culture and lasting motivation to continue practice improvement.


When CxInSight is fully implemented, clinics experience improvements in productivity, quality, profitability and delivery speed/reliability. These successes in turn create:

  • Happier Patients - Increased satisfaction with services (better access, fewer office delays, better response to requests, higher quality)
  • Happier Physicians - Increased satisfaction with smooth office flow, practice growth, patient access, and higher productivity
  • Happier Staff - Increased satisfaction with effective work processes (greater clarity and empowerment, less rework), and improved quality of service
  • Improved Bottom Line - Increased production, decreased waste and cost

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