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Many Specialties Transformed

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We are fortunate to work with many high quality medical organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and enjoy traveling outside the area as well.

What Our Clients Say

"We consolidated our department from three sites into one location, and we could not have done that without Cech Systems. On a personal level I gained a lot of insight on project management. Cech Systems kept everybody on task. There was always an agenda and project list and dates."

Bonnie Eckley,
OB/GYN Practice Manager
The Everett Clinic, Everett, WA


"I personally benefited from Cech System in many ways. The most salient points were an increased organization of the day for both staff and me. I enjoyed the increased flexibility of scheduling. There were excellent time management techniques for different problems and patients. The sum effect was less stress and tension on a daily basis."

Jim McHugh, M.D.,
Family Practice, Providence Clinic
Swedish Physicians, Seattle, WA


CxInSight - A Practice Improvement System

Make profound, lasting improvements to your core business and engage your entire workforce in the process—with CxInSight, a systems approach to achieve and sustain improvement results.

With everyone aligned by clear improvement objectives (The Goal), provided with an effective improvement process (The Process), offered consistent feedback showing how their efforts achieved objectives (The Metrics), and empowered through training and the right management systems (The People), CxInSight creates the kind of enthusiastic motivation that fuels continuous improvement. Learn more.

Other Consulting and Project Management Services

Whether clinics need help assessing their challenges, designing improvement strategies or managing the change process, Cech Systems is an experienced partner offering thoughtful counsel and support in any area of clinic operations and expansion. Our strength lies in quickly and confidently assessing needs and responding effectively with practical solutions.


Our hands-on project management expertise includes:

  • Developing and growing new services
  • Facilitating turnarounds
  • Assisting with startups of new departments or clinics
  • Consolidating services
  • Providing interim on-site professional management and oversight

We advise and support clinics in many consulting engagements, including:

  • Physician practice analysis
  • Department assessments and problem solving
  • Effective practice measurements
  • Advanced access and scheduling efficiencies
  • Patient care process (re)designs
  • Functional space designs
  • Effective physician call schedules
  • Optimal staffing models